Saturday, December 16, 2017

Magnolia Bakery's Famous Banana Pudding Easy Recipe

Abbey: Wilma told me one day that she wanted to have banana pudding. I looked for restaurants or cafe offering this but sadly the only restaurant who sells it is already closed. And the Magnolia Bakery in US is too far. So I made it.

For best results, do this 3 days before the occasion or event.

Here’s how.

1 can of condensed milk
1 1/2 cup of ice cold water
3 cups of heavy cream (thickened cream)
1 packet of Jell-O instant vanilla pudding
1 box Nilla wafers
4 cups or 4 large ripe banana.

Combine water and condensed milk and mix for 1 minute.
Add the instant vanilla pudding and mix for 2 minutes.
Put the mixture in a container and have it settled in fridge for 30 minutes.
While waiting slice the bananas to small pieces.
Whip the heavy cream until stiff peaks are formed.
Fold the pudding into the cream.

Do the layers in a pan: wafers, banana, cream-pudding mixture then repeat.
Put in fridge and serve after.

WILL: I have a problem with food. I have this behaviour to crave and be addicted for some type of food in a certain time. Haha. 

Abbey solved my latest issue in life. How to get the Magnolia Bakery's Famous Banana Pudding. 

On the day he made the it, it taste 'meh'. But when we let to sit the pudding for 2 days. Gosh! The banana and wafer sinked-in together in a rhythm that my tastebuds shouts for joy. Haha! Nice description right? 

Creamy, not that sweet, tasty and adorably perfect. 

Colleagues got to tried it too! And they loved Abbey even more. Haha 

Thanks Abbey for making us happy! Continue to distressing yourself by creating this kind of delicious food.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Matahari Cafe at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal

ABBEY: Before departing from Indonesia, we had lunch at Matahari Cafe; one of the places to dine at Nongsapura Ferry Terminal. 

I got Nasi Lemak. Nothing extraordinary and almost the same taste of Nasi Lemaks I had in Singapore. But the chili is better than the one in Turi Beach resort. 

The whole restaurant is smoking area so be ready to be a second-hand smoker :)

Matahari Cafe (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal)
Fish Curry

Matahari Cafe (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal)
NasI Lemak

Matahari Cafe (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal)
Drinks Menu

Matahari Cafe (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal)

Matahari Cafe (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal)

This is the only restaurant in Nongsapura Pier. This is where we took our last meal on that trip, a lunch. 

I ordered fish curry and to wash it down I requested for hot red velvet. 

I expect too much on their red velvet. Frustration sank in when I felt the powdery substance in my drinks. Argh! Lucky enough, my fish curry met my "spicy" level. The curry is not that creamy on the photo but it is delicious. 

I looked on to Abbey for him to order me a cola and he finished my hot red velvet. Haha! 

Be warned! This is smoking cafe! 

Matahari Cafe
(A) Jl. Hang Lekiu, Sambau, batam, Kota Batam, Kepulauan Riau (Nongsapura Ferry Terminal)

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Batam Fast Ferry (Tanah Merah - Nongsapura - Tanah Merah)

ABBEY: This is the ferry service we had when we went to Batam. We were at Tanah Merah Ferry terminal as early as 6AM for our 8AM-departure. One hour passed, Batam Fast office opened and we got our tickets. 

The ferry is clean and spacious. They even got charging ports :) We departed Singapore and arrived in Indonesia on time. 

But that is not the case homeward bound. We only got to board the ferry an hour after the supposed time of departure. We sat in the upper deck on a cafe-like setting. The engine even died few minutes after we left the port. Batam Fast became Batam “Slow”. Still a good experience and I enjoyed the ride.

Batam Fast Ferry
Tanah Merah - Nongsapura - Tanah Merah
To Turi Beach Resort

Now, for second time, we visited Tanah Merah to board Batam Fast. Yes! There are ferries in here bound to Batam. I am shocked too! I thought this port is exclusive for Bintan-goers only. It is cleaner and organized than the one in Harboufront. 

I am expecting that the Batam Fast will be having a cafe inside, but it didn't have. Anyway, it doesn't matter as our travel time doesn’t exceed for an hour. The ferry is clean. Seats are comfortably good. There are three (3) lavatory and the floor is all wet and no tissue is available for your use. 

Bound back to Singapore, from Nongsapura Ferry Terminal, we seated at second floor and the seat portrays like to be in cafe. There is a table for you to dine. I am not sure if they offer food. I sleep on the entire journey. 

I am so glad that the ocean is calm and I didn't get too dizzy. Or maybe the captain is knowledgeable on his forte! 

Thanks Batam Fast! Till our next trip!

Batam Fast Ferry

Friday, December 8, 2017

Hana Restaurant And Bar

ABBEY: Ok, their flying soba really made me look at the video twice wondering how the soba hangs from the chopsticks and the sticks are in midair. We headed to Hana Restaurant (The Forum) to see and eat the real deal. 

I got Flying Cha Soba for SGD18. It comes with 2 flavour-rich dipping sauces and a plate of Spam maki. I thought the serving is small but it totally filled my tummy. And that is lunchtime :) The restaurant also serves desserts and has a bar.

However, due to a glitch, the pictures were deleted and we headed back to the restaurant and dined again. This is after we visited the Holiday Trees display at Orchard.

I had Flying Salted Egg Yolk Udon ($18). It is another flying soba but the staff gave us a dipping sauce with truffle oil. It was so delicious. We even had a salted egg dip. Wow. It was great experience. 

Hana Restaurant And Bar
Drip Unagi Rice 
Hana Restaurant And Bar
Flying Salted Egg Yolk Udon

Hana Restaurant And Bar
The Alchemist Series Menu  
Hana Restaurant And Bar's Menu 

Hana Restaurant And Bar's Menu 
Hana Restaurant And Bar' Menu

WILL: Our second date in Hana Restaurant and now we were surprise to know that there's another set of new gimmick the team managed to pull off. Tan-na-nannn! The Alchemist Series! Yes! This is the first in the whole wide world! Haha! 'drippin' method is not only for coffee! Ha! After the flying noodles, the team has done this creative idea! Braaavo!!! I am not amazed why your reservation is on fire! 

So what's the taste? On our first visit, we ordered a Flying Soba with Spam Maki, on our second visit as recommended we went for Flying Salted Egg Yolk! I both enjoyed the noodles. In every bite you will know that it is not your ordinary noodle found in other restaurants. It has a bouncy texture that is fulfilling to my taste. Salted Egg sauce is way too creamy and we loved it. Oh! One Flying Noodle edition can serve two pax. 

Ok, we go to Alchemist Series. We got Drip Unagi Rice on our table. The water dripped off on the rice bowl is supremely tasty! UMAMI!!!! The Unagi is perfectly cooked! Rice too! Oh my! 

Filling up your carb tank? We have tried this Kimchi Pork Katsu Fried Rice. And it is real Kimchi! Drooolll! It is indeed a heavy meal. 

Yes! This is not your ordinary restaurant. If you want to be playful and take an instagrammable photo and video with a delicious food..Visit Hana NOW! :)

Thank you Michael for taking good care and greet us always with a smile. Till our next visit! 

Hana Restaurant And Bar 
(H) Daily: 12pm to 2.30pm (lunch) and 6pm to 9.30pm (dinner) 
(A) #01-17 Orchard Forum Shopping Centre

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Poinsettia Wishes - Gardens by the Bay Yuletide 2017

ABBEY: Gardens by the Bay Domes displays wide array of plant exhibitions. Great timing for our Papa Boy, the Flower Dome shows Poinsettia Wishes theme. 

We went there by 7PM. You can get a great Christmas feel upon entrance. It is cold, the music is playing, and red and green decorations are all over the place. It’s as if you’re taken to a Christmas Wonderland. 

We took snaps with the Christmas trees, the Nutcrackers, the colorful and beautiful flower and yes with the poinsettias. Don’t forget to look up to catch the “Northern Lights”.

Poinsettia Wishes - Gardens by the Bay

Poinsettia Wishes - Gardens by the Bay
Letters For Santa

Poinsettia Wishes - Gardens by the Bay
Northern Lights

WILL: Papa RS is here to celebrate the birth month of Abbey. Lucky enough, Gardens by the Bay showcases new ornaments inside Flower Dome and it themed as Poinsettia Wishes. 

Of course, the dome was filled with symbolic holiday designs. Tall, real and fresh Christmas trees are all over the place, an array of Northern Lights glimmers above, and of course the star of that place..Poinsettias! There are red, white and pink varieties. My father-in-law’s face lightened up upon seeing those leaves. He can't help himself but to click his camera here and there. 

For sure, you can feel the yuletide season in here. Visit the Flower Dome. This design lasts only until 8th January. One more tip! It is more spectacular in evening.

(H) 10 - 30 Nov 2017 and 2 - 8 Jan 2018: 9.00am - 9.00pm 
1 Dec 2017 - 1 Jan 2018: 9:00am - 10:00pm
(A) 18 Marina Gardens Drive
(T) 6420 6848

Friday, December 1, 2017

Food Philo - Build Your Own Plate

ABBEY: We had our lunch date at Food Philo (Changi Business Park) on my natal day. It has a “British-que” feel; with the red bus and lamp post. 

Starting from SGD 13.80, you can choose 1 main entry, and 4 side dishes. I got fried chicken with Mac and Cheese, Compressed Cucumber, Potato Wedges, Chickpea Salsa. 

You need to pay for drinks separately. The serving maybe small but the meal is delicious and packs a lot of flavor. 

Food Philo - Build Your Own Plate
Pork Loin

Food Philo - Build Your Own Plate
Chicken Breast

Food Philo - Build Your Own Plate
Red Velvet Latte
Food Philo - Build Your Own Plate
Drink Menu

Food Philo - Build Your Own Plate

After Singapore Fintech 2017 blew our mind on the future of blockchain and other security systems, we paved our way to Food Philo; few steps from Singapore Expo. 

They provide "Build Your Own Plate". I went for Pork Loin for my protein, Quinoa for carbo, Onion Rings for side, and Roasted Beetroot and Compressed Cucumber for my vegie. 

So what's the taste of the food? The pork is not that tender, nothing to remember on that main. Roasted Beetrot is ok. But the star for on that dining is the Red Velvet Latte! Yummm! I finished it even before my meal was served. Haha! Onion Rings is crispy and creamy. Not your ordinary fastfood flour-covered-deep-fried-onion. 

Yes! I will be coming back for Red Velvet Latte and Onion Rings.

Food Philo
(H) 11am – 8pm (Daily) 
(A) 6 Changi Business Park Avenue 1 #01-37 UE BizHub East (North Tower)

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Duo Deluxe Golden Village - Paya Lebar Laser-projected Movie Hall

ABBEY: Golden Village Paya Lebar boasts its laser projection system and its spacious twin leather seats. So we went ahead and watch Justice League on a weekend. 

Only the food and drinks bought in the cinema will be allowed. 

I thought the seats are able to recline but its not. The space between the other twins are not that apart. I can still feel the feet or maybe the knee of the person behind me. 

When it comes to the projection I don’t find any difference with other cinema. Maybe I’m not just keen into that technology.

Duo Deluxe Golden Village - SEAT 
Duo Deluxe Golden Village - TICKET PRICE

Duo Deluxe Golden Village - 

WILL: We are not that bored to the old seat or lazy boys kind of cinemas, we just want to explore new things to serve our readers. So here, we went to the first laser cinema of Golden Village at Singapore Post (Paya Lebar). 

This Duo Deluxe is one of the latest offering of GV! It has leather seats, smooth wooden cup holders and of what they are proud of.. it's laser projected silver screen. 

What can I say? The spacing will not be comfortable for 6-foot cinema goers. I am not sure how tall the person behind me but he always "accidentally" kick my chair. "D" aisle is still too close for me and of course this S$20.00 do not have blanket, nor mini pillow, nor assistant that will serve your food needs. 

Yes! For me, this duo deluxe is expensive compare to the service that offered by The Cathay - Platinum Movie Suites

GV Paya Lebar
(A) SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Road 8, #03-107

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Egg Curry and Raita - Easy Simple Indian Recipe

It would take time and effort to truly cook curry from scratch and those two are not on my side since Wilma is requesting for it. Not that I just bought from a hawker stall but cooked it with some “cheats”.

Curry Ingredients:
Cooked basmati rice (lessen the portion of water when cooking as it will absorb the curry later)
A packet of curry masala
Onion (cubed)
Tomatoes (cubed)
Coriander leaves
Curry leaves
Hard-boiled eggs

Raita Ingredients:
Half pint of curd (natural yogurt)
1 medium onion (cubed)
1 green chili (chopped)
Coriander leaves
Cumin powder

Sauté onion, then garlic, then tomatoes and curry leaves. Dissolve the packet of curry masala on water. Once the tomatoes are soft, mix in the curry masala. Have it boil for a couple of minutes until it is thick.
The technique is layering. 
In a pot, spread a scoopful of curry. Then top it with rice. Repeat until all are mixed. Top with coriander leaves and egg.

Peel the onion then wash it.
Cut into cubes and soak in water while you chop the green chili. Soaking the onion in water will reduce the strong flavor of onion and amplify its sweetness.
Mixed chili into the curd, strain the onion from the water and put into the curd.
Put chopped coriander leaves.
Add cumin powder and salt to your preference.
Best to do it the day before you cook the curry.

Egg Curry and Raita 

WILL: If you are not fond of chicken or mutton, try to cook an egg curry. Cheaper alternative for the expensive meats. 

Glad that Abbey loves to cook and do not stop trying until his dishes are accurately delectable. 

Raita is what I can say a healthy version for gravy. Abbey perfected doing it that I can eat raita and rice for the rest of my life. Haha. 

Oh my! Cook this and impress your friends. 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Justice League (2017)

ABBEY: We watched Justice League on the weekend after its release at Golden Village Paya Lebar. The movie doesn’t have a boring scene specially when Gal Gadot is there. Who gets bored with her? 

Adding The Flash and his crazy punchlines and naivety, you will definitely burst into laughter specially when he showed his skills but realized that Superman is also fast. 

Yes, that is a spoiler. My fave superhero is alive. I just noticed that there are some resemblance with Batman and Ironman with regards of how they act as rich persons as well as Spiderman and The Flash.

Definitely there will be a sequel for this.

Golden Village - Duo Deluxe, Paya Lebar
Justice League (2017)

Aside from Wonder Woman, this is the one of the most awaited film of Abbey for 2017, Justice League (where's Green Lantern?). 

I enjoyed the movie, but of course not as much enjoyment with Marvel's. I am not aware that Superman can be resurrected from the dead and he is the only hope for the sequel. 

I like The Flash, the cocky and childish character. Ahmm, yeah, just like Spiderman. 

Totally recommended for kids. :) 

Golden Village - Duo Deluxe, Paya Lebar
(A) SingPost Centre, #03-107, 10 Eunos Rd 8 

Thursday, November 23, 2017

52-Week and 12-Month Money Saving Challenge 2018

We hear you!!!

Large number of readers, oh even our relatives told us that it is impractical to withdraw money from the bank just to put in their piggy bank. It creates hassle on their part.

Readers who receives a monthly salary preferred to save per month. Some are comfortable on the traditional weekly savings.

To accommodate both, we generated 52-week and monthly money savings challenge. FREE TO DOWNLOAD. Click the images below. 

12-Month Money Saving Challenge 2018
52-Week Money Saving Challenge 2018

Now, due to upcoming new event for us, we decided to have the monthly savings plan too. This new set-up will bring excitement for both of us and we can dish out our 3 year old Garrett popcorn tin can.

Make money-saving a habit. It’s for your future! 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017

ABBEY: Singapore held the largest fintech festival last November 13-17 at Expo. We went there on the second day and we were awed by the works being done to further progress the development of new technology in providing financial services. 

Transactions will be lightning-fast, have less fees and more secure. Vulnerabilities will be there and that’s when the specialists comes in. 

Blockchains and crypto currencies are also here to stay. And it is exciting what it will bring in the future. 

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017:NEM Blockchain

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017:
Oracle Digital Banking

Singapore FinTech Festival 2017:
 Monetary Authority Singapore Project Ubin

Of course, Singapore will not let themselves left behind! Singapore is Asia's hub of big international banks and a major key player in technology in the region. Surpasses all, Singapore organized the largest FinTech in the globe... The Singapore FinTech Festival 2017. 

Monetary Authority Singapore presented to people the Project Ubin. Oracle gladly presented their Digital Banking. IBM have a mini discussion about their Watson Security. Visa booth is full packed and giving away Rubik's Cube. 

NEM and LoyalCoin threw a smile and answered queries on every attendees visited their booth. Finally, a reward system that is 'loyal' to consumers. Imagine, you can get rewards from coffee shop and spend the reward to another store. OR you can convert it to XEM or Bitcoin or fiat money. Kaching! 

What can I say? Technology is moving too fast and we need to adapt and grow. Blockchain is truly disrupting the financial world. Once it is perfected, it will crawl on to the next level.. Supply Chain. 

We are indeed lucky that we are here in Singapore witnessing the biggest transition of 'money' to 'token'. This is exciting. 

No chance to attend this event? Don't fret, as early as now they are already building up for 2018 Singapore Fintech Festival. Keep an eye on it. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Singapore's Battle of the Bikes: ofo vs Mobike

ABBEY: The battle of bike-sharing began when ofo announced that their customers can enjoy unlimited rides without deposit. Then mobike followed by offering a 5SGD fee for 6-month use (2 hours per ride). Here are my comparisons:
1. App
    Ofo - easy to use specially when unlocking and locking the bike. Also you can give feedback for repair and experience when using it.
    Mobike - even when I locked the bike there is no confirmation in the app and I need to restart the app just to see if I locked the bike properly.

2. Availability
    Ofo has less bike compared to mobike (Punggol area). Maybe because customers like the ofo offer more so demand is high.

3. Cycling experience.
    Ofo is better in stability. When I used mobike the bike will wiggle on a uneven pavement, bumpy road or even on a stone which I didn’t observe in ofo. It could be attributed to the thin wheels of mobike.
Seat adjustment mechanism is better in ofo. With only a grip on the lever then you find your sweet spot. Unlike in mobike that you need to pull the lever, adjust the seat and revert.

We’ve yet to try obike. It also has free unlimited rides but with deposit.
Singapore's Battle of the Bike : Ofo vs Mobike 

WILL: Cycling is not just a craze inside of any gym but also in whole Singapore. Before, we need to go to Pulau Ubin to rent a bike and indulge in the beauty of nature. Why Pilau Ubin? You can find the cheapest rate in there. Now, because of the promotions of two bike-sharing companies (Mobike & Ofo), Singapore residents are enjoying every park connector and even the city for less or for free. 

What's the difference? 
Mobike - the pedal is too near to its seat. It is hard for me to balance myself. First time using it, I fell off twice. Haha! One more thing, the app is so slow to respond. I thought I am the only one experiencing it but one of the cycler complained about it too. 

It costs us SGD5.00 for 6mos. But I think, I will not ride again a Mobike :(. 

Ofo - Best suits me. The grip on its handle is amazing. The app is easy to understand and response rate to the bike is quick. Reporting bike's problem is a must, on that, Ofo team can maintain their bike in excellent quality. It is a no wonder why many cyclers in Punggol prefer the Ofo. 

Oh! It is FREE for this month of November.. 

C'mon run or cycle a day. Let's make Singapore the healthiest nation.

ofo Singapore

Mobike Singapore

Friday, November 17, 2017

Stir-Fried Cauliflower with Green Peas, Corn & Carrot Recipe

100g butter
3 dried chile flakes (depends on your preference) 
1 bulb of garlic 
1 head cauliflower; cut into florets 
2 cups frozen green peas and corn and carrot (do not thaw)
2 Beaten eggs
Salt and pepper to taste

Melt the butter and cook for 5 minutes the frozen peas and corn and carrot. Toss in the garlic and add the cauliflower once garlic is slightly brown. 

Stir occasionally until the cauliflower is tender. Toss the egg, sprinkle chili. 
Salt and pepper to taste

Stir-Fried Cauliflower with Green Peas, Corn & Carrot

ABBEY: This is supposed to be a cauliflower fried rice but the leftover rice is not good to fry. So Wilma whipped it up to another dish. 

The result? It was delicious, colorful and full of flavor. The vegetables are tender and the egg acted as a binder to them. Try it. It is easy to cook.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food at Concorde Hotel

ABBEY: After our “early” morning seminar on a Sunday, we had our brunch at Kim Dae Mun along Orchard road. They are serving Korean food. 

Wilma got me a large bowl of bibimbap. So after saying grace, I mixed my bibimbap and dig in. It was so delicious. The kimchi is sweet and spicy and made my nose runny for a couple of minutes. 

It is a self-service restaurant; chope a table, queue to order, bring the food to your table and eat.

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food - Menu 
Kim Dae Mun Korean Food

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food - Kimchi Soup Pork 

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food - Bibimbap

WILL: Do you want to dine at an "authentic" Korean restaurant? How can I say it is authentic? It is run by Koreans. Hehe. 

Their meals do not pass the range of S$10 with a huge serving and a free side dish. Cheap but not cheapo. 

I ordered Kimchi Soup Pork ($7.50) with rice. The taste? Oh my! It is really kimchi. Better than restaurants you can find inside malls. The soup is creamy, spicy, sour. A feast of flavors. Enjoyed that food bowl for almost 30mins. Yes! It took me too long to eat 3/4 of it, the rest I pushed it too Abbey. 

For sure, I will comeback for more!

Kim Dae Mun Korean Food
(H) Tuesday – Sunday 11:00AM – 8:30PM
(A) 100 Orchard Road #02-17/18 Concorde Hotel

Friday, November 10, 2017

Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato 220mL at Cold Storage Singapore

ABBEY: We planned to have a drink while watching Billions TV series. We bought two 220ml bottles of Brown Brother Moscato. It looks like it has cork but it’s not. You can just twist it open. 

It is a sparkling wine. It is sweet and I like it because it doesn’t have a strong taste and aftertaste of alcohol. Then why am I drinking wine? Haha. I think this is the kind of wine I can tolerate.

WILL: I want to drink a wine for almost a month ago. I am looking for a good sweet moscato that has a cap not a cork. Why? Abbey is not fond of drinking alcoholic beverages. I can't finish one bottle at once. 

At Cold Storage (Raffles City), before heading to meet a person from Unilever Network, we stumbled upon this tiny bottle of moscato wine from Australia. The Brown Brothers. We saw 2 variety of a sparkling wine and Abbey decided to buy the two. 

This is my second time to saw Abbey appreciate wine. He gulped his Vintage Moscato Sparkling straight from the bottle, until the last drop. 

Me? Maybe I am not used of sparkling effect on my wine. I cannot linger on it long enough inside my mouth. The taste is sweet, enough to satisfy for a moment my wine craving. But again, no to sparkling wine.

Brown Brothers Sparkling Moscato 220mL
Market Place - Raffles City Market Place
(A) 252 North Bridge Rd #B1-01 Raffles City Shopping Centre 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere: A New Silver Screen Experience at NEX Mall

ABBEY: Wilma’s anticipation for Thor:Ragnarok is so high that when the tickets were made available she bought a pair at Shaw Premiere (NEX). The passes can make you stay at the Premiere Lounge while passing time and have some snacks. 

We also got 5SGD voucher so our All-day Breaksfast set was 7.50 only. We were in the theater 15 minutes before the show starts and were given a big bowl of popcorn, a mountain of cheesy nachos and drink. The blanket has no funky smell and is comfortable.

The seat however is not smooth when I’m reclining it. The leather makes too much noise which can disturb other viewers. Also I was restricted stretching out by the wall separating us with other guests. 

Commendation to the staffs as they’re very attentive to needs of patrons.

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere' Seat

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere's Arrangement

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere: Confirmation Email

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere - Classic Movie Treat

Shaw Theatres (Singapore) Premiere - All Day Breakfast Set

WILL: To cap off the three cinemas who cater a "higher" rank in watching the silver screen, we booked at Shaw. If Cathay prides themselves with their Platinum Movie Suites, Golden Village have their Gold Class, my favourite Shaw Theatres presents their Shaw Premiere. 

Shaw Premiere is located just at Nex Mall. Yep, only in one place. We were immediately served by the ticketing counter and was confused why the tickets is so blurry. It seems that there is no ink or the ink was not printed well on the shiny silver paper. 

We entered the Premiere lobby and the staff assisted and ushered us to our seat. Abbey ordered an All Day Breakfast Meal and I am surprised that it was served at the lobby itself (I am thinking if it can be eaten inside the cinema). 

Inside, there is no enough space for Abbey's leg. Since I am at the corner, he needs to straighten up his reclining chair (that causes noise) for me to pass through. There is no separate table for each of us. The blanket is good, no mini pillow provided. This is the only reclining chair that made my lower back painful after seating for more than an hour. Huhu! 

For snacks, better buy at ticketing counter. The quantity is more generous and way cheaper. 

Oh my, sorry. This tarnished my love and respect with Shaw. Never again, Shaw Premiere.

Shaw Theatres Premiere
(A) 23 Serangoon Central #04-64 Nex Mall