Monday, April 25, 2011

Carl's Jr. Singapore

This is our official tambayan; me, Wilma, and Chat. Once in a while I want to indulge myself to an order of a huge burger, large fries, and unlimited soda. This fastfood chain satisfied my cravings. We usually hangout at their Vivo City branch. I hope we can visit it sometime again.

WILL: Who will not love Carls' Jr? from its patties, its tea with lemon, and their fries. Oh darn, we will surely crave for this food once in a month. After we had our foot spa at Mary Chia we ate our dinner here. Filipinos are everywhere. Actually in almost all restaurants here, they have a Filipino taking their OJT. 
We always love to greet them in Our language, on my surprise one of the crew on his delight of us, he put extra love on our meal and grant us a nice discount. This Carls' JR NEX is the most memorable branch for me.