Friday, January 13, 2012

BonChon Philippines - Trinoma Branch

ABBEY: My wife's niece, Ynnah, is on the hype of Korean fever. We had a day with the kids and asked them where should we eat our snack. 

Ynnah replied readily "At Bon Chon". I had no idea what it was. Wilma told me that its a Korean fast-food chain. A 1-piece chicken meal costs more than 100php but reasonable. 

The chicken is covered with delicious sauce. I don't know what its made of but it tastes great. The texture is firm but soft and juicy. I assume that they enjoyed it too as I didn't heard any violent reaction from them.

WILL: This restaurant is making a buzz not just in Manila but also in other countries. This is one of the famous restaurant from South Korea and I am really shocked that my niece do not know anything about this. Hehe. 
      Ecstatic she is, we headed here for lunch. They ordered chicken rice, for me I have the chicken burger and abbey got the beef bulgogi. 
     Superb! There is something in their chicken and sauce that is so tasty! No wonder that they are now the talk of the town. 
This is located at TriNoma, just along at Max's. Battle of the chickens ayt? Haha.