Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Platinum Movie Suites - The Cathay

ABBEY: What if your local cinema offers the comfort of a blanket and reclining chair together with food? Yes, Cathay Cineplex gives that in their Platinum Movie Suites. A ticket costs SGD28.42(booking fee included). 

You will warmly welcomed by their receptionist, in our case, it's Patricia. And you will be guided to the lounge. While waiting for the theater to open, you can place your order. They offer gourmet popcorns, nachos, coffee, wine, sodas, western and oriental meals like burger and fries, chicken wings,beef rendang and nasi goreng. 

Once inside, the leather seats are waiting for you. Forgot to buy food in the lounge? No worries, press the call button and you will be attended to. It was a great experience. By the way, we watched Fifty Shades of Grey when we went to the Suites.

WILL: Abbey and I have a habit to accomplish/experience/buy one goal/place/things at a time. This is to eliminate stress in reaching our wishes in life. And this year, we planned to go for a movie night in one of the suites in Singapore. And firstly, we chose to experience it with Cathay Cinema. 

50 Shades of Grey tickets were sold-out even in movie suites. Yep! Even on weekdays. This film really made a noise. Haha! But in luck we got 6 tickets for a Monday viewing. 

We were awed by when we gather at the lounge. It seems that all the guests in here were served magnificently. Before the movie starts, the lady behind the concierge approached us if we want something to eat. She handed us the menu and we gave her our card and Abbey told her to put it on his tab. 

The gate opened and I giggled that not more than 20 pairs of La-z-Boys were on my sight. Exclusivity indeed. The seat is very comfortable and a quilt is available for use. Please take note that the quilt smells and feels really clean. The seat can turn in to a bed and lamp and mini table adjustable on your own desire for you to put on your food. 

I asked for nachos and cola. The cola was served in a wine glass and nachos have 2 dips served in a white plate. Señor Abbey and Señora Wilma. Haha!

Now, I am wishing to watch a movie again.